Where to go after Badger Ales’ “Beginners’ Guide to Malt Jerry”

I’ve got a bit of explaining to do…

If you’ve reached here because you’ve saw “Beginners’ Guide to Malt Jerry” on the Badger Sett Ale Club Blog, then thank you, and welcome!

For other readers, in case you’re wondering why on earth I’m rabbiting on about Badgers, I should say that the nice people at Hall and Woodhouse, Dorset family brewers of said Badger Ales, have asked me to be Guest Blogger for June, and they thought it was a good idea to get me to answer one of those profile questionnaires as a kind of intro. I’m honoured to be included in the same list as established beer writers Adrian Tierney-Jones and Zak Avery.

So “about” Malt Jerry, then? Yes, as you can see, I blog about whisky too. I chose the name years ago, half jokingly for Hotmail, and then it became my Twitter moniker, and that’s kind of how it goes with Twitter IDs: they stick.


How come then, this blog is called The Nightjar and not MaltJerry? The clue is in the answer to Question 16: the name for my perfect pub, to which I gave the answer The Nightjar – a slight pun to give the impression of drinking fine ale with Chris Packham and Kate Humble after a hard day’s birdwatching. However, the likelihood of my owning a pub is comparable to that of beer brand giant InBev doing something supportive of craft beer, so I thought I’d use the name for a non-specialist blog, even if it has turned out to be mostly malt beverage-related. 

The purpose of The Nightjar blog is to promote good beer of all descriptions, beer culture – especially in relation to food, and whisky. I’d love for us in the UK to know and care about whisky as much as they do in Scandinavia, (I visit Sweden and Denmark quite often). You will also find the odd post about music, but so far, nothing about birds.

Upcoming posts include Part 2 (or is it Part 4?) of the Copenhagen Beer Festival, which forms part of my European tour of beer festivals since Stockholm last September. I’ve yet to post about my short visit to Welsh whisky distillery Penderyn. I’m hoping to visit Adnams Brewery and distillery in July and a spontaneous trip to the Cantillon brewery in Brussels.

The Festival Tour will of course include the Great British Beer Festival in August, followed by the annual pilgrimage to the brilliant Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, for what will be its 20th anniversary, and my 16th year as a judge in the whisky competition. And if anybody can figure out a way of getting to the Great American Beer Festival while still earning a living, please let me know.
And Badger people, in case you’re wondering about the absence of an answer to Question 14: Peregrine Falcon.


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