Vinyl Open Mic Night

I've created a Spotify playlist from Wednesday's sesh at The Star in Dorking. The Star 20100602
I think the opening Wham was ironic. The new Jeff Beck had a terrific sound, My choices were Iggy, T Heads, Tom Waits, Teenage Fanclub.

Not very many missing pieces, some surprising, I've substituted The Byrds version of Chimes of Freedom. Humble Pie Black Coffee not there, nor Nick Cave's version of Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart from the excellent Kicking against the Pricks (one of mine). Perhaps not so surprsing absences from a collectors' double Skunk Anansie LP that had a dance/metal remix thing. Also a double 12" from The Damned Is it a Dream (?), with a rousing version of Pretty Vacant.

I'm not aware of anywhere else that does this, and thought it would be fun to document. Works better if you have Spotify, of course!

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