18th Dec. Maltjerry’s Advent Calendar: Toasting the Higgs Boson

18th December: Hardknott, Queboid. 8.0% ABV
From: Cumbria, England. Type: Not the Standard Model. Source: Hardknott Brewery online

At last, after nearly forty years of waiting, physicists have finally discovered what to drink when it is conclusively proved that the Higgs boson exists.

Hardknott is uncertainly, the most physics-friendly brewery in Britain, with its Dark Energy, Cool Fusion, Infra Red, Azimuth, and Continuum beers. Even the name of the brewery is an anagram of Hadron ttk. And then there’s Queboid: a virtual Belgian, zero spin, charmed quark of a charged, double IPA.


Opening a bottle of Hardknott Queboid or possibly a Higgs boson

It was one of those beers postulated to exist, but which had never occurred in my frame of reference until I collided with it soon after a Higgs boson was tentatively “found” at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider in July this year.

It is, as predicted, dense and complex, but also earthy and  citrussy, and just when you’ve calculated how sweet it is exactly, a citric, resiny hoppy bite comes to balance the equation. The taste decays into lavender-scented oils with a honey coating, after an extremely long half-life. A high-energy beer.

Queboid’s virtual existence at Hardknott Brewery’s online presence
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