Maltjerry’s Advent Calendar: 25 choices from 2012. 2nd Dec.

2nd December: Compass Box, Hedonism. 43% ABV.
From: Scotland. Type: 100% Blended Scotch grain whiskies. Source: Compass Box, London

I tasted this during a Twitter tasting hosted by Compass Box, blenders supreme of whisky. This is the latest edition of one of the first blends John Glaser, Compass Box blender supremo, did. Yes, it’s OK to like blends, Jim Murray of Whisky Bible fame says so.


Very much though, not your usual, in that it contains no malt whiskies at all. The secret is just great, and old grain whiskies from very, very good casks. And of course, the knowledge of how to choose the whiskies and put them together. Rich and luscious, full of almost syrupy, honied fruit. The taste of hedonism.

Whisky making of such a high order doesn’t come cheap, but at around 50-something quid for a bottle from Master of Malt, it is approachable. Even more so if you go for the 3cl dram.

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