Swift Half: IPA is Dead Edition 2. A Galaxy not too far away

BrewDog IPA is Dead II: Galaxy 6.7%

Home, Sunday 10 July 2013 after a pork shoulder steak with sage and IKEA dark lager sauce.

The second bottle of the IPA is Dead II bottlings a year after release of the second edition of BrewDog’s single-hop IPA showcase. Not just a year later but a few months on top of that.

BrewDog IPA is Dead:2 single-hop IPA series second batch with Challenger, Motueka, Galaxy, and HBC hop varietals.

IPA is Dead, Batch 2: Challenger, Motueka, Galaxy, and HBC

I remember this beer fresh at Camden’s BrewDog bar, with its Austrailian mega-hop variety Galaxy being intensely resinous. Now it seems mellowed but still has a piney, polishy taste and aroma.

Some aged IPA is Dead bottles have an enhanced (it seems to me) sweetness, but the malt here is not as sweet, cheescake-base as some of the other non-fresh IPAs. The malt digested by the remaining yeast has given the beer more strength – in more ways than one.

There’s a slight vegetal aftertaste, but in fairness it’s not dominant and there’s still enough hop-oil freshness to carry the day. And that would be a day of an orange oil massage as the sun sets over the mirror-smooth sea on the beach of a secluded bay in New South Wales.

Loading the barbie with some pork medallion kebabs simply grilled with a touch of oregano. They would be fab (beaut?) with this. [That’s enough Aussie sterotyping. Self-Ed.]

From: Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Type: Single-hop varietal India Pale Ale, bottle. Source: BrewDog online.

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