Swift half: Siren Soundwave IPA – An American in Berkshire

From: Siren Craft Brewing, Berkshire, UK. Style: American West Coast IPA, 5.6% ABV
Source: Bottle from Eebria.com

Siren Craft Soundwave IPA

Siren Soundwave IPA: agressive lemon meringue pie?

Falling for the Siren call for me was instant. It was the Limoncello IPA and the Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat thing. Although that was a while ago. Soundwave is one of their more on-topic names and is part of their core range.

Siren Craft Brewing was voted second-best new brewery for 2013 in beer rating site Ratebeer. Now, whatever you think of that particular site (and I have my doubts, fully aware I’m writing tasting notes), it’s a pretty cool accolade.
The trouble with getting international recognition, is that it makes people taste your beers in a different way. You are no longer the cool, undiscovered upstart, you become bait. But I won’t fall for that.

Soundwave comes out of the bottle like someone has poured a glass of lemon meringue pie; so fresh and heady (in both senses)*. But sweet it isn’t. An initial mouthful, that you think might be lemon-curd, turns pithy bitter, for a first drink of the night, aggressively so.

Bang! grapefruit. Mouth watering. And then to back it up, a big mouthful of light grainy malt. Just enough heft. It doesn’t balance the taste; this American-style IPA is about hop bitterness and flavo(u)r, but it does give a satisfying mouthfeel and alcoholic depth. Very refreshing and moreish.

The label has advice on what food the beer would be “Good with”. The advice: “Perfectly pitched with curry, Thai, Italian, or anything zesty.” Italian curry? Shurely shome mishtake! Maybe deliberate. I don’t buy the whole India-Pale-Ale-with-Indian thing; anyway, beers this hoppy can (over) emphasize chilli heat.

But Italian? Now we’re onto something. How about Spaghetti vongole, traditional pesto. “Anything zesty”? Who dares homemade lemon meringue pie?

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