Schneider Weisse Tap X – Evening in a summer meadow


SchneiderWeisse Tap X Meine Sommer Weisse

Delicate Summer Wheat for a picnic in a meadow

The label says “A sparkling and shining summer wheat ale”, and it is. There’s a Champagne feel to it, it comes in a wine bottle, but at a somewhat gentler 5.4%. On the back of the pleasingly splashy, abstract label dangling nicely from the neck we are told: “apples and pink grapefruit” and “pleasantly sour”. If you can go along with sour and pleasant together as not oxymoronic, then this will indeed please you as it did me. Delicate and flavoursome – where delicate means distinct and light – not a euphemism for bland.

A gentle acidity with the apple blossom aromas, wrapped in the balancing roundness of sponge-cake malt and a finishing light spiciness.

Beer and food pairing suggestions:
A picnic beer for sharing on a late Summer’s evening. Or escape the ants and the wasps and wait until you get home where you can go with the label’s suggestion of poached fish or a light summer dish, by which I think they mean salad, mild soft cheeses, and quiche Lorraine.

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