Old Pulteney samples for Twitter tasting

It is though, an odd set of aromas for a purely sherry-cask whisky. More port than sherry and a touch of the dreaded rubber. And then I add a few drops of water and go back to safe ground: the 17. I return to the WK209 to compare, and something has happened; the party balloon smell has gone and the real party has started. Christmas spices cloves and nutmeg, and mellow dried fruits like dates and raisins.

My Twitter ideas have dried too as I get lost in the whisky. Now I understand why this is a special edition! It’s as individual as the fishing boat it’s named after, but the catch is very rewarding if you can afford the time. As Malcolm tweets, this is a fireside dram for a night in. It draws you in and holds you in and rapt attention. Lovely, but it’s not on sale yet, and as it’s limited to 1,600 cases, it probably won’t appear in supermarket specials at Christmas. If you can’t find it, I suggest the 17 year-old.

The small amount of info that has been passed fit for pre-release says the WK209 is unchill-fitered, bottled at 46% ABV from European sherry casks. It is named after a steam Herring Drifter WK209 ‘Good Hope’ built in Wick in 1948, and follows a previous highly-successful limited-edition release named WK499 ‘Isabella Fortuna, which was a “travel retail offering”. Giving us a big clue to the availability of the WK209.

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Many thanks to Malcolm Waring at Old Pulteney for being a good sport and providing insights into his whisky and distilling.

Read about the history of the Old Pulteney distillery from their website
Follow Malcolm Waring, the Old Pulteney distillery manager on Twitter: @Malcolm_Waring

Special thanks also to Lucas from the Edinburgh Whisky blog for inviting me to take part in this Twasting.

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