No reviews, no predicitions, just…

Who was it that said “I don’t do predictions and I never will”? It was me, one or two years ago, quoting Gazza or David Coleman or Charlie Brooker, or some such hero.

Inevitably, as well as most of the rest of you, I find my train of thought pulling in at Resolution Central again. Thankfully, the alarm klaxon sounds: avoid review of the past year, avoid promises and predictions for the coming year.

MaltJerry, self-regarding

MaltJerry, self-regarding

Yet, at this arbitrary turning point* in the orbit of our blue-green planet about an ordinary star in an insignificant part of one of trillions of galaxies, we think, despite all evidence to the contrary, that what we say tonight will make a difference. We still aim to change the drift of our own histories.

I take a sip of beer. Meantime India Pale Ale. It’s suitably celebratory-looking in the bottle with its wire-caged Champagne-style cork. I have an equally celebratory Fuller’s Vintage 2013 waiting to ring the new year in, as well as a Cava cork to pop and an Ardbeg Alligator to first-foot with. Deep breath…

I feel though, to use the Baltimore street-language of TV drama The Wire, it’s time to change up. I wrote a post on “Why I write”, as if to justify to myself the effort I expend on a blog about beer, whisky, food, and (vanishingly) music. The only sensible way to follow that up is to ask “Why would anybody read?” This gives me the impetus to “change up”.

I’m tired of reading what is and what isn’t “OK” to write or feel about the beer and whisky worlds. It’s all too self-regarding and too niche. It’s not about writing for a bigger slice of the choir. It’s about getting more singers. I want to be read by beer and whisky drinkers who don’t read about beer and whisky. Then again, how many of the drinks I wrote about in paragraph 4 did you know about? (I won’t hold it against you, just try them.)

Two lyrical quotes for me to take into 2014, one question and one statement: “What difference does it make?” (Morrissey). “Something better change” (The Stranglers).

Nevertheless, Happy New Year!

*What’s the turning point in an orbit, an elipse? Perihelion? Yeah, I know we’re past that.


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