Maltjerry’s Advent Calendar: 25 choices from 2012. 4th Dec.

4th December: Meantime Brewing, Friesian Pilsener. 5.2% ABV.
From: England. Type: North German-style Pilsener. Source: Meantime’s new brewery bar

If we pester Meantime hard enough, perhaps this fabulous, grassy/herbal, dry, refreshing Pilsener will become a permanent fixture on the Meantime Brewing card. After all, it happened to their Yakima Red ale.

I tasted this at the official opening tour of Meantime’s new brewery in May. I was even served by head brewer Alistair Hook, himself, who learnt his brewing craft in Germany. His take on the North German style made famous by Jever, was brewed instead of moaning, “They don’t brew them like that any more!”


I loved this beer. Lip-smackingly full of German and Czech hops, giving such a tangy, rosemary/thyme-like herby quality you can sense the Spring lambs backing off in horror, sensing The Silence. Would have been great too, to accompany the Swedish Midsommar smörgåsbord, with its pickled herrings, eel, cheese…

Please, Mr Hook, do like the Yakima Red ale. Make it a permie, or at least a permanent seasonal.

Meantime Brewing’s beer range

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