MaltJerry is back!

Just a quick post to say “I’m back!”.

To a chorus of: “We didn’t notice you were gone”, the MaltJerry blog returns after a hiatus of several months. It was not abandoned, merely “suspended” by my web host, following unforeseen, but perhaps predictable technical difficulties.

Xmas dinner 2015 med

Christmas dinner 2015 chez MaltJerry

Apologies to everyone hoping for or expecting a write-up. I have received some great beers in the post in recent months, sampled some fantastic brews and drams, been to some brilliant events, eaten (and dare I say, cooked) some delicious meals, and changed in the way I think about “owning” whisky.

I wanted to come back with an all-new approach and look, but realised that would just delay things even more.


Many thanks to for sorting this whole thing out.
Above and beyond the call of duty by many a mile.

3 thoughts on “MaltJerry is back!

  1. I’m sorry it took so long time to get you back online again but such is the digital (r)evolution – when shit hits the fan there’s no ctrl+z…
    Great to have yer blog back again! 😀

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