Great British Beer Festival. Part 2: Quote/unquote

Heard in conversations from the Great British Beer Festival, Earl's Court, London 2010.

"Would you like to try some dry-hopped stomach acid?" @markdredge
(Probably best if this beer remain nameless.)

"That smells a bit poofy." – John, ex-RAF friend of @ronwel.
While sampling Thornbridge Jaipur – Wasn't even the Craven Silk!

"Er… are you Malt-Jerry?" – Jeff Evans.
At 'Beer a Day' book signing; rumbled after I had been reminiscing (again) about whisky judging with Michael Jackson.

"Shut UP!" – Unknown young woman to me at the US beer stand, when I admitted my age.
It might have been a compliment, but it's what Jeff Evans ought to have said to me (see above).

"Oh, I used to get called 'Liam Gallagher' all the time in Pentonville." – 'Jason', when comparing celebrity doppelgangers with me. Whatever you say, Jason…

"Here, have this; I feel really bad." Bloke who queue jumped me at the US beer fridge hands me a ??10 note. For the record, I bought three Odell brewery beers: 90 Shilling, IPA and St Lupulin.

And a couple of Tweets:
@FullersTony I learned my lesson! Already bagged my Brewer's Reserve No. 2. Lovely and well belies its 7.7% ABV.
@Maltjerry haha! In that case it definitely belies its actual ABV of 8.2%!!

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