Fuller’s Brewery Trip: The Blogger’s Tale

I have been a fan of Fuller’s beers ever since I started going to pubs. I even stayed, for a time, within a bottle’s throw of the brewery, near Chiswick Eyot. So how I’ve never been to visit this cathedral of beer before is a bit of  a mystery.


Well, this perplexing incongruity has been put right. Chris Wood (not of Traffic, folk music or golf fame) invited me on this brewey visit organised by his friend and former colleague John “Numpty” from Milton Keynes. Together with some 10 various other friends and former colleagues, braving Virgin Trains’ Super Saver to go on the tourist (nay! pilgrims’) trail of  London’s only remaining major brewery. I didn’t come from MK, by the way.

The scenes from the brewery tour include depiction of a first: a never-done-before Maltjerry moment – my maiden pulling of a pint in the Hock Cellar.

Continued as photo blog (phlog?) on the Maltjerry flickr site…

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