Forget the Munich beer festival – Stockholm is where you need to be

Don’t take my word for it; Michael Jackson said that the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival was the most important beer festival in Europe. That’s Michael Jackson, Beer Hunter, Whisky Stalker, not the self-proclaimed King of Pop, who never went to either the Stockholm festival or Oktoberfest, as far as I know. Or, maybe he went there with Elvis under cover.


This post comes as I’m about to pack my bags for Stockholm and to spend four evenings as a whisky judge in the whisky competition associated with the festival. It is very definitely whisky and beer, and whisky was the reason Michael Jackson was in Stockholm to proclaim. I’m very proud to say I was on the judging panel with MJ twice and this is the 13th straight year I’ve been a jury member.

Is it a bit weird that Stockholm should have a prestigious beer and whisky festival? How did that come about? And why beer AND whisky? Sweden is all vodka and snaps and light lager, right? On top of that, Isn’t it all wincingly expensive?

Answers to these questions and more over the course of the festival. I will be tweeting and posting all the while.

Meanwhile, to get you in the mood, here is the phlog form the  Stocholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2009.

The Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival takes place 30 September to 2 October and 7 – 9 October.

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