Copenhagen Beer Festival 2011 preview. Warning: Contains Marmite

Forgive me, any Marmite-loving readers, but I am flouting all calls to boycotts, and will be visiting the Copenhagen Beer Festival on Friday, as planned. In case you didn’t know, the Danish government has banned the sale of Marmite in Denmark because it has added vitamins and minerals. As much as I love Marmite, I am not going to miss this festival in some half-baked idea for a protest.

Along with the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, this is a real jewel of a fest; I was there two years ago, and have been planning to be at the 2011 event ever since I failed to get to the 2009 version. It’s one of my planned “Round the year in beer festivals” tour, the previous one seeming long ago and far away in the darkest depths of Greater Manchester and the just as Great British Winter Ales festival.


Denmark is world-famous for Carlsberg, and like most places dominated by a single giant brewery, was a virtual monoculture of standard international lager. In recent years, Denmark, has sprouted a brilliant micro-brewery and craft beer scene, led by Mikkeller, with international reputations growing for the likes of Amager Bryghus, Norrebro Bryghus, and Hornbeer

All of the above and 100 or so others will be there too, with five or six Swedish micros, BrewDog from Scotland, Three Floyds from the US, and…. Carlsberg.

I don’t have time to prepare a t-shirt in protest, so I’ve done the next best thing: a “Marmite for Everyone”  twibbon on my Twitter icon (See pic). I may yet turn into a Marmite soldier.

Get your Marmite twibbon here:

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Get your Copenhagen Beer Festival list here:

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