20th Dec. Maltjerry’s Advent Calendar: Buried treasure in IKEA

20th December: Glenmorangie, Finealta. 46% ABV
From: Highlands, Scotland. Type: Single malt Scotch whisky. Source: World of Whiskies, Heathrow

I taunt my Swedish friends that you can buy alcohol in IKEA in the UK. "No,no," they say, "You can buy it in Swedish stores, too". Which is true, but you buy beer or wine in the restaurant, not the shop, which you can in the UK. You can't buy Glenmorangie Finealta, there, though. But why spoil a headline…

No, the treasure to which I'm referring is a limited edition lightly-peated Glenmorangie I rediscovered in my IKEA cabinet. I didn't buy it this year, but one of the joys of keep a small collection of whiskies, is finding a forgotten bottle.

It has a tell-tale amount left: just less than a quarter full. This tale told is one of really liking it and not wanting it to finish. Was it as good as I (now) remember? Oh yes!

Finealta is Gaelic for "elegant" according to the label, by which they mean not very smokey for a peated, and lots of delicious spices, vinous flavours, and rich, creamy vanilla, all from the mix of sherry and bourbon casks. The peat is subtle; but is there on the breath at the finish, almost as if leftover from last night's dram.

I fear for a trip to IKEA at this time of year, but if the prospect of a dram like this could be found there, I would give it serious thought.

World of Whiskies Heathrow has Glenmorangie Artein, if you're passing through…

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