The quest for easy, slow-cooking meat with beer

I have embarked on something of a quest. Pulled-pork, barbecue brisket, slow roasts and all kinds of time-swallowing recipes for cooking meat have been grabbing my attention. While a lot of them have me drooling over the keyboard, most of the recipes I’ve seen appear to be quite demanding, and not just in time. I am determined to find an easier way without compromising on the taste.

Shoulder of pork slow cooked in beer

The quest for simple pulled pork

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Schneider Weisse Tap X – Evening in a summer meadow


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  The label says “A sparkling and shining summer wheat ale”, and it is. There’s a Champagne feel to it, it comes in a wine bottle, but at a somewhat gentler 5.4%. On the back of the pleasingly splashy, abstract … Continue reading