Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen

When I posted on Twitter that I was going to take MaltCim to the Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen, I got more comments of envy from other beer enthusiasts than for any other tweet I have written. And it wasn’t because of my companion.

Lovely though she is, it was the destination that was the object of envy for my Twitter followers. This unprepossessing bar in central Copenhagen is the outlet of one of the most talked-about new breweries in Europe, if not the World. Well, among craft beer fans it is. It’s a rare opportunity to get to the heart of what makes these beers so sought after.


The brewer of Mikeller beers is one Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who is described as a “gypsy brewer” on the Mikkeller website. I think this means that he doesn’t have his own brewery, but “brews at different breweries in Denmark, around Europe and the United States.” Doesn’t that make him a cuckoo brewer?

Finding ourselves with half a day spare on at the end of our holiday, a quiet afternoon at this beer enthusiast’s dream bar was hard to resist. Well, it was for me. I promised MaltCim there would be dark beers a-plenty, and the deal was done.

Mikkeller bar lived up my expectations. Bjergsø’s approach to brewing is much more interesting than making extreme beers or using weird ingredients. I knew of the Single Hop beer range, in which he takes the same IPA recipe, and uses only using one variety of hop in each beer in the range, so you get Single Hope Centennial IPA, or Single Hop Simcoe IPA, and so on. You get to see what influence the hop variety has on a beer. You can see why the likes of Scottish maverick brewers BrewDog love them – and indeed collaborate with them.

My Twitter friends’ envy was well deserved. There was a surprise in store along a similar train of thought to the Single Hop range. See for yourself and read more on my flickr site.

Mikkeller website.

Vinyl Open Mic at The Star: From Scissors to Sepultura

1st July, The Star, Dorking.

A different crowd (slightly) and a different mix of tunes (loosely speaking)

These vinyl open mic nights, as I call them seem to be trending towards players playing more than one track off an album. I think that's cheating a bit, but there was some good stuff.

Part of the fun of it being open mic is you can play what you want, but I think you should be gauging the crowd a bit more, like any dj. I saw a fair few badly hidden "WTF" expresssions on peoples' faces tonight. My own came during the first "solo" in the Sepultura track. Very Bill and Ted, I thought.

But hey, sometimes you chance something and it doesn't come off. OTOH, it's nice when someone comes up to you and says "what was that?" Assuming they mean it in a good way. Maybe somebody thought that about Sepultura.

Here's tonight's list, which is missing a few because we turned up a bit late. My selections are marked *

  1. Scissor Sisters. Sorry, I failed to get this track name. it was a white sleeve with the black scissors logo. (Can't find it on Amazon or Spotify. Geof, can you help out?)
  2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Bush With The Blues by Jeff Beck from Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott'.
  3. * The Light Pours Out of Me by Magazine, from Real Life.??
  4. Lady by Free, from The Free Story (What was the original album?)
  5. Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks (7")
  6. Sister Sneaker, Sister Soul by My Latest Novel from Wolves
  7. Sploosh by Ozric Tentacles (12")
  8. We are Your Friends by Justice vs. Simian (12")
  9. Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
  10. Shake Your Money Maker by Fleetwood Mac from Fleetwood Mac
  11. * Some Candy Talking by Jesus and Mary Chain (12")
  12. My Back Pages, by Bob Dylan from Another Side of Bob Dylan
  13. Heartache Tonight by The Eagles (7")
  14. This is England by The Clash from Cut The Crap
  15. Cloud 8 by Frazier Chorus from Ray
  16. The Moebius by Orbital (12")
  17. Nothing Compares 2U by Sinead O'Connor from Now That's… compilation
  18. There She Goes by The LA's from Now That's…
  19. Behind the Veil by Jeff Beck from Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott's
  20. * Battle of Evermore by Page Plant from No Quarter.
  21. Superstition by Stevie Wonder from Talking Book.
  22. Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan (7")
  23. A Little Respect by Erasure from (oh I dunno, The Very Best of…)
  24. Desperat Cry by Sepultura from Arise (Maybe, could have been the 3rd track on side two. Who can tell..)
  25. Theme from "Cheers" by The Monitor from Titus Andronicus
  26. Live Throbb by Ozric Tentacles (12")

Almost all on the Spotify Playlist, amazingly. A couple of cheats, only
Star Vinyl Open Mic 20100630