An epiphany before Christmas

16th December: Oppigårds Bryggeri, Coast To Coast. 4.7% ABV
From: Sweden. Type: American-style pale ale. keg (fresh). Source: Akkurat bar, Stockholm

It could have been almost any beer – this being Akkurat and so candy-shop-full of great beer you hardly know where to start. But my young niece took one sip of my Oppigårds Coast To Coast Pale Ale, and her mind was made up.


Coast To Coast pump clip showing the four pubs it was brewed for

It was one of those beerpiphany moments. They taste, you see a flicker of surprised appreciation. They look at you, and there seems to be an understanding that wasn’t there before. (“He’s not as mad as I thought…”)

Coast To Coast was specially brewed by one of my favourite Swedish craft breweries, released to just four influential pubs in Sweden: two in Stockholm – the east coast, and two in Gothenberg – the west coast. That it was an exclusive appealed to Nina, too. Even if it was only the second time she’d tasted craft beer.

Five pubs, if you count the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, where the judges liked it too. It won a silver medal in the Draught Ale, Max. 4.7 %, and a gold in the equivalent bottled ale categories. You can see why. It’s a very quaffable and approachable beer that doesn’t bombard you with hop astringency, but just beautifully perfumed American hops. And at a socialble, sessionable strength.

Neither you nor my niece will find Coast To Coast again, but I’m sure she’ll look out for Oppigårds. I recommend you do too.

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