14th Dec. Maltjerry’s Advent Calendar: Bishops got me drinking cans

14th December: Ska Brewing, Modus Hoperandi. 6.8% ABV
From: Colorado, USA. Type: American India pale ale. Source: Bishops Arms, Lund, Sweden

Quite a few Swedish people I know believe that all the Red Lions in the UK belong the the Red Lion pub chain. I don’t know if this stems from the fact that all the Bishops Arms pubs in Sweden do belong to the eponymous pub company.

Whereas Red Lions have existed in England since probably just after the Vikings became settled. The Bishops Arms have only been around since about the late 1990s. Each “Bishops” is modelled on the Swedes’ idea of an ideal British pub. Which means they have way more whisky than most pubs in England put together.

They’re also really good at American craft beer. I drank my first Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter here, over 6 years ago. Where The Bishops lead, so have the UK craft pubs lagged behind. This has also been true of properly good beer out of cans, of which, Modus Hoperandi has been a prime example. It’s been a go-to beer whenever I’ve had the fortune to be in town.


If you’re not used to it, the can jars at first, but technology is such that the these days, cans’ contents don’t. Modus Hoperandi is a properly bitter, American IPA (annoyingly pronounced “eepa”, in Swedish). I’m not convinced Ska Brewing’s tag line of “Old-man bitter” conveys quite the image they intend, but boy does this IPA wake your taste buds up: grapefruit and lime zestiness, resiny, oily aromas and a juicy citrus sharpness.

I’d be very happy to see the Bishops Arms empire spread across the North Sea, they’re a lot more friendly than the Viking hordes.

Modus Hoperandi on the Ska Brewing website.

The Bishops Arms online in Sweden


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